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        Ningbo Kukiwell Kitchenware CO.,LTD(Factory) is a professional enterprise engaged in the development?? production marketing, and service of non-stick pans. The leading products are fry pan,wok pan,sauce pan and sauce pot.
        Our company is located in Hangzhouwan Economic Development Zone, Cixi City, Zhengjiang Province. It occupies a ground area of 18,000 sq.m, of the total the work shop 8,ooo sq.m.
        It boasts solid strength in production facilities, with full stretching, spraying, assembly line. The whole production process will be finished within that line, which can reduce intermediate links and enable the products from raw materials to finished goods done at one go. All of these contribute to improving production efficiency and ensure the stable quality. Except hardware settings, it also concern about the talent-building and owns a team with rich experience......
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